Two bread makers my family and I love using

bread makingMy wife and I have recently gone through a phase where we have an obsession with making our own bread. We’ve experimented with various bread makers on the market and through trial & error, I’ve come up with a list of some of my personal favorites.

I hope these brief reviews can help give you and your family a better idea of what’s out there and help you make an easier purchasing decision. Let’s jump right in!

Panasonic SD-BMT1000:

Currently this is my personal favorite, and it’s one of the best rated bread machines on the market. The first thing you might notice with the Panasonic SD-BMT1000 is it’s sleek design; the deep purple color looks amazing and it’s a nice visual addition to any kitchen.

Many people won’t care about the look and design of a bread maker though, functionality and it’s settings are the most important feature. The SD-BMT1000 certainly isn’t lacking in functionality and settings. You can bake up to 4 different types of bread with this amazing machine such as; whole wheat bread, rice bread, wheat bread, and melon bread. We’ve made pizza with it as well as other interesting treats such as mochi and udon.

If I had to recommend one bread making machine, this would certainly be at the top of my list of recommendations. I can see why numerous magazines have this product as one of the top rated bread makers on the market.

Breville BBM800X:

The Breville BBM800X was one of the first machines our family bought to make bread. Although we have since upgraded, this machine is so versatile and capable that we simply couldn’t toss it out. That’s right, we’ve kept it around and still use it although we already have a newer machine in the kitchen.

One of my favorite features of the BBM800X that I haven’t seen in many other bread makers is the automatic nut and fruits dispenser. Just toss your fruits and nuts into the canister and the machine will add them to your bread at the perfect time. This feature alone allows for some very interesting combinations and ideas to try out. I wont bore you with all the details of each setting, but the BBM800X comes with over 13 customizable settings, giving you a lot to work with.

As with the Panasonic SD-BMT1000, my family and I believe this Breville BBM800X is another one of the top rated bread makers on the market.

There are many other bread makers on the market such as highly rated Zojirushi bread machines and what suits you might not be what suits me, or vice versa. If you’re in the market though for top rated bread makers, I hope my short reviews based on my own personal experience will help you make an easier decision.

Best espresso machines for cappuccinos and lattes!

For lovers of cappuccino and lattes, we have scintillating good news for you!It is now possible to make your favorite brew at home, in a very convenient and satisfying way.This has become a possible reality because, the best espresso makers in the market are readily available, and accessible to you!
Because making espresso requires one to invest in techno-savvy equipment, whose cost is more than your ordinary coffee-making machine, we recommend the following inputs when procuring an espresso machine:-
good espresso machine
Warranty and support
Any espresso machine review worth their salt, will tell you that a good machine includes a manufacturers undertaking, guaranteeing the product free of defects.The warranty period ranges between one to two years.SafetyThe temperatures for the exteriors of an espresso machine are very critical, for the safety of the person brewing the espresso.A status light on the machine, which lets you know when the machine is on, goes a long way in preventing accidental burns.We recommend a machine with an in-built automatic shut-off.

These indicators stand out to me when it comes to the brew produced by your espresso machine:-A balanced shot of bitter, acidic and sweet blend, and the brew should be hot, but not scolding.At the same time, there should be a thick layer of creamy froth on top.

The ease of use for an espresso machine is of paramount importance. In this regard, an automatic machine is far much better than a manual one. One does not require expertise in using the automatic espresso machine.A cup-warming tray is a convenient feature to look out because espresso cools off rapidly.Removable cup-tray, or an adjustable grouphead, which allows for bigger capacity, is recommendable.

As an espresso enthusiast, having enjoyed several cups of cappuccino, we highly recommend the following outstanding espresso machines:-De’Longhi EC155 Highly rated by both consumer reports and end-users, this espresso machine is not only pocket friendly, but is also easy to use and produces quality espresso.

Gaggia 14101 Classic
Our considered opinion is that this machine is capable of making espresso, whose quality rivals other machines whose cost is much higher.The stainless-steel housing guarantees longevity.

De’Longhi EN680
This espresso machine has a capsule mechanism which facilitates easy loading of coffee, and release of espresso by a mere touch of a button!It also has a unique way of converting your espresso into a cappuccino, or a latte.
It is my hope that with such comprehensive espresso machine review, and commendation from those of us who appreciate cappuccinos and related brew, you will confidently pick your choice.

Wusthof Kitchen Knives: My Number One Cutlery Choice

Nothing can be more annoying like a dull kitchen knife. I just cant seem to stand it. Grrrrr! Thought of it just makes me gnash my teeth. I prefer a firm knife with great grip. Of-course there is also the aspect of knife efficiency. For me efficiency translates to being able to make straight and precise cuts. This is exactly what the Wusthof kitchen knives offer me.

Before I discovered the Wusthof set of knives, my cutlery experience was just miserable. I had gone through a series of knives that could slip or twist during cuts. The cuts weren’t coming out right; especially when slicing flat iron steak, my favorite delicacy. Enough was enough! I wasn’t going to keep up with the nuisance of poorly performing knives. I went online to check out some great knives and Wusthof kitchen knives kept turning up. The kitchen knife reviews were on top of the roof: everyone kept mentioning how good they were. I decided to give the Wusthof set of knives a try and I have never gone back on my decision since then.


What I love about the Wusthof Kitchen Knives
To begin with, I love the grip of the Wusthof knife; especially between the index finger and the thumb. The knife has also been designed in way that it further provides grip at the handle and at the bolster. The knife also offers good balance. There is not too much weight either on the handle or on the blade.

What’s more, the blade has been forged to precision. The blade features a stain resistant steel alloy coupled with high carbon content for a long lasting effect. You can sharpen it as many times as you want but the knife will still look as good as new.

How can I forget to mention the sleek, smooth finishing of the Wusthof knife. This is simply a work of art!

To sum it up in a nutshell; the Wusthof knife offered me superb grip, greater control, straighter cuts and narrower slices. My cutlery experience was transformed. Back in my nightmare days I used to take forever to chop a simple carrot or celery in to fine pieces. With the Wusthof set of kitchen knives, you will have your finely chopped celery within a blink of an eye. Simple, sleek and powerful are the words that describe the Wusthof set of knives. Visit the website

Final Verdict
If you looking for a powerful and versatile knife; Wusthof Kitchen Knife should be top on your purchase list. I can tell you from experience that this is a knife that won’t disappoint. What are you waiting for, try the Wusthof Kitchen knives and transform your cutlery experience.

Buying my new cookware

When I started shopping for new cookware to spruce up my kitchen, there were a lot of things that I needed to know. There were many options for me to choose and this made things even harder. Apart from knowing the type of material that is ideal for my cooking needs, I also wanted to get the best pots and pans for my money. So what I did was to turn to the top cookware reviews to help me make a good buying decision. I was able to learn from the people who shared their experiences, and this information proved to be invaluable.


For starters, I learnt that each type of material will work differently, and some cookware conducts heat better than others. In addition, certain metals will react with foods that are acidic and so it would not be good for cooking tomato sauces in them. Another thing I needed to consider was that some products are extremely durable and I could easily care for them. When it came to pricing, I learnt that the most expensive pots and pans were not always the best and that I could get a good deal at an affordable price.

I have seen many cooking shows in which the chef promotes a certain brands, which helps to make them popular in the market. However, being a popular product doesn’t make it better than other less popular brands. It doesn’t matter whether the cookware is professional looking because I was advised to look for a product that just right for me. Perhaps the best piece of advice that I got was to choose my pots and pans based on the things that I loved cooking. After gathering all this information, I was confident when I went shopping and now I have the best pots and pans that money can buy.

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How We Started Selling The Best Cooked Rice In Town

After my wife and I came for our retirement, having been in a very busy sector, we thought to ourselves that we needed something we could do to keep us busy. Our children were no longer living with us and we knew if we were not going to strategize on we were going to spent the rest of our lives, we were in for tough times ahead. We had saved quite amount of money, and my wife having been in the hotels industry, she suggested we open a restaurant in town. I agreed, but under one condition; since I wanted our business to be a little bit different from the rest, I told her that we were going to majorly deal with rice. She supported it and we immediately embarked on the whole planning. It was only after three days and we had managed to identify one of the best spots in town, and two days later everything were set to go. However, since we wanted to be ahead of the rest and through a number of advices we got from friends, we had acquired the best rice cooker brands on the market.


To cut the story short; it is now over 5 months since we put up the restaurant and what we have been able to net is simply unbelievable; The high quality rice we cook has seen us edge well over other key players in the industry. Ultimately, we are doing great as business, thanks to the best rice cooker brands in the market we are currently using, the restaurant receives well over 200 customers every single day. With all that we have been able to achieve, we are not even going to stop there; we are planning to open another 2 fast food outlets in town. I tell you, for us, the sky is the limit.