Electric tea kettles for tea making

electric tea kettleI recently visited a friend who offered me a cup of tea. However, her tea was quite special because it had a unique sweet taste, something I have never experienced before. Excited by this experience, I was obliged to ask her what was the magic behind her cup of tea and it is then that I learnt that she was using the Cuisinart CPK-17 electric tea kettle to make her tea. She went further to explain that most people me included just put water in a kettle to boil and pour the resulting hot-water over a tea bag paying little attention on its temperature. However, different tea varieties are supposed to be brewed under different temperature conditions and a variable-temperature kettle that one is able to get the correct temperature. Since then I have been researching on the best electric tea kettle currently available in the market and come up with the following list of three.

To start with is the Hamilton Beach stainless steel electric tea kettle which I rank as the third best among variable-temperature kettle currently available in the market. This kettle comes with 1500 watts of turbo-boiling power and a 360 degree rotating base. However, the most important feature on this kettle is that it is able to automatically shut off once the preferred temperature is reached thus preventing boiling out all the water and in the process burning the kettle. It also comes with a drip free sprout which prevents messing the table cloths or even your guests. Finally this kettle is easy to use and pocket friendly.

In second position is the Chef’s Choice 681 cordless electric kettle which is made from highly brushed stainless steel giving it a stylish appearance for any kitchen. It comes with 1500 watts of turbo-boiling power and is able to hold 2 liters of water. This kettle has all the features in the Hamilton Beach such as an auto shut off and boil-dry features. However, its design and safety precaution features make the Chef’s Choice 681 to be more advanced of the two.

The best electric tea kettle currently in the market is the Cuisinart CPK-17 Electric Kettle. Like the other two, it comes with 1500 watts of turbo-boiling power and is able to hold up to 2 liters of water. However, it has more unique features such as a 6 preset heat setting allowing the user to steep teat at a perfect temperature. It also comes with a blue LED indicator making it easy to set the right temperatures required. Finally it has a classy design which makes it easy to use.

Having any of these three electric tea kettles in your kitchen will ensure that you will be able to make your tea more easily and quickly than ever before. It will also ensure that you and your guest enjoy your cup of tea all the time.

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